Conference Catering

We not only fulfil your individual wishes, but also offer the following themed coffee breaks.

Menu "Bavaria"

Pretzel stick with tradtional Bavarian cheese sauce
Mixed sausages
Warm meat loaf
Potato and cucumber salad
Radish & garden radishes
Bread and butter
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
Fresh fruit
(Optional white beer on request)

€ 18,00 per person

Menu "Italy"

Honeydew melon with Parma ham
Mini pizzas
Ciabatta with tomato and mozzarella
Ciabatta with antipasti and parmesan
Panna cotta with fruit sauce
Fresh fruit

€ 18,00 per person

Menu "Asia"

Satee skewers of chicken
Thai noodle salad
Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce
Shrimp skewers in tempura batter
Coconut balls
Mango mousse

€ 18,00 per person

Menu "Fit and Healthy"

Vegetable sticks with herb cottage cheese
Wholegrain baguette with cheese and turkey breast
Yoghurt drink
Fresh fruit salad
Wraps filled with grilled vegetables and guacamole

€ 18,00 per person

At the BEST price

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Our centenary year
Familie Wickenhaeuser

In the year 2012, the Wickenhäuser family, celebrated our company's centenary.

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